Two shark men appear in "The Secret of Shark Island", an episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies. They were believed to be followers of the shark god Pescado Diabolico, which was said to roam the waters around Shark Island. In reality, though, they were only the disguises of sea scavengers working for Milo Meekly.


Scooby-Doo and his friends, alongside Sonny & Cher, were having a vacation on Shark Island. The innkeeper, Milo Meekly, told them about the shark men being associated with the shark god Pescado Diabolico.

When it came to the conflict near where some gold was being mined, Fred Jones went up the crane and used the trash can lids to surprise the operator, who was actually Milo Meekly. Just then, the hotel's maid, Matilda, showed up, revealing himself to be an investigative agent named Matt Hildago. He used Mr. Meekly's hearing aid to get all the shark men back to the hotel immediately.

Minutes later, Matt explained that the Shark Men were actually sea scavengers and that his group caught on to Mr. Meekly when one of the sea scavengers had spent a gold doubloon in town. Before taking Mr. Meekly and his crew to jail, Matt also revealed that the hotel had been condemned, as it was standing on a landslide area.


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