Skedaddle was a children's game show, produced as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. It aired for six weeks in autumn 1988 with Ron Pearson as the host. William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Jay Wolpert were the executive producers.


Two teams of four children (always the "Sludge Puppies" in red and the "Drainiacs" in yellow) competed in a game similar to "Hot Potato" to answer questions and win prizes. The studio was set up to resemble a cartoonish sewer.

One team selected one of three dinosaurs (named Slam, Dunk and Seymour), who would come out from his lair with a small object, such as a top hat. The object corresponded with a question which had a numerical answer. To answer the question, the team had to toss the object back and forth from player to player within a certain amount of time. As soon as the number of passes equaled the team's guess, the player with the object ran to the middle of the studio and honked a bicycle horn.

If the team's guess was correct, they received points. If they were wrong, ran out of time, or threw the object out of bounds during play, they received nothing; in addition, the chosen dinosaur spun a "wheel of torture", which caused that team to get slimed with some by-product poured into the sewer (for example, the "ice cream parlor" would cover the contestants in melted ice cream).

After several rounds, the team with more points won the game and went to a bonus round.

Bonus round

Three stools were set up in a row, and one of the dinosaurs stood above each stool with a bucket. Each player on the team was asked a question and given three answers to choose from. The player sat on the stool that corresponded with his or her guess, and the dinosaur turned the bucket over above the player's head. If the contestant was right, the bucket would be empty and the player would score; however, if the player was wrong, the bucket would be filled with green slime, which would end up all over the contestant. Getting more correct answers than incorrect won the grand prize.

In popular culture

"Skedaddle" was a word "removed from the dictionary", according to The Simpsons episode "Homer and Lisa Exchange Crosswords".


Hanna-Barbera previously worked with Jay Wolpert in creating the animated opening for Whew!, a game show that aired on CBS in 1979/80.

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