Cast IvyPool GaspedPaw LionBlaze JayFeather DoveWing SnagglePuss LisaPaw BrightHeart WhiteWing LeafPool StarClan Cat HollyLeaF . GaspedPaw SnagglePuss Voice By Me Cp SnagglePuss Says LeafPool Go Hunting . Cp Firestar Virsts GaspedPaw In Dream . Cp 3 LisaPaw Says Hello JayFeather Her Med Cat Cp 4 DoveWing Says OswaldPaw , Cp 5 IvyPool Says Hello JoshuaClaw . Cp 6 Happen Pick New Leeder TopCatStar cp 7 Brightheart Says AmberKit Cp 8 AmberPaw Says Hello Cp 9 happen IS starCaln Cp 9 the End

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