Space Ghost and Dino Boy was one of the first superhero shows created by Alex Toth for Hanna Barbera.

Space Ghost


Space Ghost is about Thaddeus Bach, a young intergalactic police officer who becomes a masked superhero after his corrupt superiors murder his pregnant wife and leave him for dead on what is now his headquarters, the Ghost Planet. Using advanced alien weaponry, and aided by teenage siblings Jan and Jace, whom he rescued from an invasion, combats criminals through out the galaxy. (Note: this is the character's origin in the 2004 DC Comics miniseries)

Dino Boy in the Lost Valley

Forced to parachute from a disabled plane, a young boy lands in a mysterious prehistoric valley filled with hidden dangers. When a saber-toothed tiger attacks, he is saved by a giant caveman, and so begins the friendship and adventures of Dino Boy and Ugh the Caveman in the Lost Valley.


Space Ghost

Space Ghost has the powers of invisibility, flight, a force field, an x-ray like visio penatron beam that comes from his mask, and the ability to project any kind of energy from his wristbrands. He has occasionaly displayed super strength, which may be connected to his bands.

Dino Boy

Dino Boy has no superpowers, but is skilled at using a sling shot and a bow and arrow.


Space Ghost

1. the Heat Thing

2. Zorak

3. the Lizard Slavers

4. the Web

5. the Evil Collector

6. the Drone

7. Homing Device

8. the Robot Master

9. the Iceman


11.the Energy Monster

12.the Lure

13.the Cyclopeds

14.the Schemer

15.Lokar, King of the Killer Locusts

16.Space Sargasso


18.Revenge of the Spider Woman

19.Attack of the Saucer Crab

20.Space Birds

21.the Time Machine

22.Nightmare Planet

23.Space Armada

24.the Challenge

25.Jungle Planet

26.Ruler of the Rock Robots


28.the Space Ark

29.the Sorcerer

30.the Space Piranhas

31.the Ovens of Moltor

32.Transor, the Matter Mover

33.the Gargoyloids

34.the Looters

35.the Creature King

36. the Sandman

Dino Boy


2.the Moss Men

3.the Treemen

4.the Fire God

5.the Mighty Snow Creature

6.the Wolf People

7.Valley of the Giant

8.the Ant Warriors

9.the Bird Riders

10.Giant Ants

11.the Rock Pygmies

12.Danger River

13.the Vampire Men

14.the Terrible Chase

15.the Sacrifice

16.the Maksman

17.the Spear Warriors

18.the Worm People