Stoney is the main villain of The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" Special. He is a brunet "cool kid" who wears a black shirt and purple jacket, and he's a drug dealer. Stoney denies drugs giving him trouble because, as Wilma's mother points out, drugs make sure anyone using them can't think straight. He forbids Wilma to hang out with Dottie, the only female to be a part of his group, unless Wilma does exactly what he does.

After the race ends and Stoney's group quits on him to join Wilma's "Just Say No" club (Dottie's case being a solution to Wilma's problem), he is caught by Officer Quartz because he'd seen Stoney's drugs fall out of his pocket. Stoney tries to defend himself, but nothing he says is convincing because he had known that drugs are not only stupid and mentally and physically harmful, but illegal, too. So Quartz takes him to the police station, picking up his parents on the way.

He is voiced by Dana Hill.