Super Secret Secret Squirrel was a back-up segment of 2 Stupid Dogs, produced by Hanna-Barbera for TBS. It featured the return of Secret Squirrel (voiced by Jess Harnell) and Morocco Mole (voiced by Jim Cummings) as agents of the Super Secret Service. The new series debuted in 1993, following a villain-of-the-week story formula, and featured crossovers and cameos with other Hanna-Barbera cartoons at various points.


Side-by-side comparison of character designs from the 60's and 90's

The design and concept were updated from the 1960's cartoons. Secret Squirrel's design remained largely the same, sporting a trench-coat and purple fedora with eye-holes in the brim, with an overall more streamlined look. Morocco's color scheme was changed drastically, having dark grey fur and a red-orange jacket with yellow trim, and his spectacles were replaced by sunglasses. The tassel on his fez was yellow instead of red, which maintained its constant floating status just above his head. Their character dynamic was also changed- while in the original, Secret Squirrel was a bumbling-but-lucky agent, in the new series he is shown as very competent and calculating. Morocco originally was Secret's long-suffering chauffeur who "waited good like a faithful friend should" (usually to collect Secret after one of his gadget attempts backfired), while the new series made him Secret's obviously bumbling sidekick, providing more of the comic relief.


The Cheif (left) and Penny (right)

All other characters inhabiting the world were anthropomorphic animals, unlike the original series. Double-Q was replaced by a cape buffalo known simply as Chief, (voiced by Tony Jay), with his squirrel assistant, Penny, (voiced by Kimmy Robertson). Unlike Double-Q, Chief was fully confident in Secret's abilities. Penny, as an all-new character, was hinted to be a potential love-interest for Secret in the episode Queen Bea.

All the various villains faced by Secret were also animals, (with the exception of Quark). Secret's former nemesis, Yellow Pinkie, was ostensibly replaced by the sea lion Gold Flipper, who only appeared in one episode.

13 episodes were produced, airing in-between segments of 2 Stupid Dogs. All episodes except for Egg and Agent Penny were named after the main villain appearing in that episode.

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