Sydney Lassick (July 23, 1922–April 12, 2003) was an American actor. He was the voice of Straycatcher #2 in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.


Chubby, antsy character actor Sydney Lassick was born on July 23, 1922, to Jewish Russian immigrant parents in Chicago. Lassick first began acting in both films and TV shows in the late 1950s. Portly and bespectacled, with a high-pitched voice and a nervous disposition, Lassick was usually cast as peevish neurotics, obsequious toadies, and fretful everyman types.

Lassick was best known for his outstanding portrayal of Charlie Cheswick, the whiny and infantile manic depressive mental patient in the acclaimed One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. His other most memorable roles include a fey Fairy Godfather in the lowbrow nudie cutie musical Sinderella and the Golden Bra; mean sarcastic English teacher Mr. Fromm in Carrie; genuinely creepy as perverse and abusive innkeeper Ernest Keller in the potently unnerving slasher horror sleeper The Unseen; at his oily best as the slimy Charlie P. in the supremely twisted cult oddity Sonny Boy; effeminate lackey Gopher in Deep Cover, and jolly trailer park manager Woody Wilson in Freeway.

Though a successful actor, Lassick maintained a steady job as a trucking company's dispatcher throughout his career. He asserted that actors never knew when the acting jobs would stop coming.

In television, Lassick made guest appearances on Family, Eight Is Enough, Baretta, Hawaii Five-O, Barney Miller, Matt Houston, Moonlighting, Knots Landing, Dream On and The X-Files. He died at age 80 from complications from diabetes on April 12, 2003, in Los Angeles. He was survived by an older sister.

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