T.V. Dollar is a Treasure Chest segment from the Richie Rich cartoon series. As part of Seaspn 1 of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show, it was the tenth Treasure Chest segment in the series, originally broadcast in January 1981.


Dollar and Reggie's dog are lounging on pool chairs on the lawn of the Rich Mansion. Reggie commands the dogs to fetch sticks, but the dogs are smart enough to use special devices to retrieve the sticks while still lounging.

Then, a T.V. producer approached the boys and informed them he is interested in having the dogs participate in a taping of a T.V. commercial for a flea collar, in which Dollar was told not to scratch. Reggie decided to set loose some fleas in a can to force Dollar off the set and Reggie's dog getting a chance at stardom. Fleas ended up attacking Dollar, and ended up scratching despite being told not to. Then Dollar ended up running out of the studio, and into the streets, forcing Richie to chase him. The producer needed someone to fill in, and Reggie was obviously interested, but then realized the lid on the can the fleas came in was not put back on, and Reggie and his dog ended up getting fleas and both started to scratch.

At the end of the segment, Richie was washing Dollar in the Riches' swimming pool, fully clothed, explaining to Reggie the outcome, but Reggie who was attacked with fleas along with his dog, felt as if he needed to be in the pool and responded "you can say that again!" As they were continuing the task at hand, the fleas were swimming, following the dogs and Reggie from behind, as if they were ready to attack again.


  • This segment was later rebroadcast in November 1981 during Season 2, and on November 27, 1982 during the third season of the series, as part of The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. Coincidentally, this segment was aired during the tenth episode of Season 1 and Season 3 respectively.
  • Reggie appears to own a dog in this cartoon series. He did not own a dog in the comic book series, though his strict father did mention Reggie's family's dog in one comic book story, "He's Trying, Very Trying", where he lost his allowance for life after an accidental money-shredding incident.
  • Reggie is seen with a different dog in "Dollar's Exercise" in Season 3.

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