The Attack of Dr. Mars is the third episode of the third season of Yogi's Treasure Hunt, and the twenty-first overall episode of the series. It first aired 20 November 1987.


A female Martian, Dr. Mars, makes a special intergalactic guest appearance at the United Nations, claiming the Earth will be destroyed... unless a treasure chest (which is really a time bomb), called "The Big Dipper Booty" (lost somewhere in Peru), is returned to her. After receiving the clue for the treasure from Top Cat, Yogi and the gang travel to Peru in search of the treasure, but are quickly captured by the natives, known as the Inca Dincas (who, though they appear wanting to eat the treasure hunters at first, "only work from 9 to 5"; once the work day is over, everyone "parties down" to classic 50's Rock-n-Roll). While the Inca Dincas are dancing, Yogi and the gang set out searching for the Big Dipper Booty. Later, Doggie Daddy gets taken hostage by Dr. Mars while Yogi accidentally crushes the Incas' jukebox while dancing with the Inca leader's daughter; Dick Dastardly, along with Muttley, (who, according to the Incas, is "The Grand Wizard of Rock", since Dick gave the tribe his entire collection of 50's Rock-n-Roll records) declares Yogi is to be sacrificed as punishment. However, the daughter of the Inca leader pleads with her father to spare Yogi's life, claiming Yogi "is the grooviest guy I know." This results in a wedding ceremony, which Yogi reluctantly agrees to ("Do I have a choice?"). The wedding is interrupted when Doggie Daddy, now "Dogzilla" (according to Dick Dastardly), crashes the party, (effortlessly) lifting the temple up from its foundation, which Dr. Mars' "Big Dipper Booty" was hidden underneath. Dick Dastardly and Muttley steal the treasure and flee, thinking they've struck it rich, only to be blown up shortly afterwards. The earth is saved, Huckleberry repairs the Incas' jukebox, Doggie Daddy is shrunk back to his normal size, and everyone celebrates.


  • During the wedding ceremony, Snagglepuss is replaced by Mr. Jinks. 
  • Ranger Smith is absent in this episode.

Guest Characters