The Berenstain Bears is an animated television series based on a series of children's books. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera and Southern Star Productions, and broadcast over CBS from 1985 to 1987. Each episode consisted of two stories, the first adapted from one of the books, and the second being an original story. Both seasons of this series was rebroadcast in Canada on the cable network Showcase later in the 1990s.


The series involves a family of four human-like bears who live in a tree. They are identified only as Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear. The series teaches moral lessons while following the struggles of the family, mainly the cubs. Brother Bear is stated to be in second grade, while Sister Bear progresses from preschool to kindergarten.


An asterisk indicates stories adapted from the books.

Season 1

  1. "The Messy Room"*
  2. "The Terrible Termite"
  3. "Go Fly a Kite"*
  4. "The Trojan Pumpkin"
  5. "The Spooky Old Mansion"
  6. "The Fly-Away Pizza"
  7. "The Giant Bat Cave"
  8. "The Wild Wild Honey"
  9. "The Neighborly Skunk"
  10. "The Missing Pumpkin"
  11. "Too Much Birthday"*
  12. "To the Rescue"*
  13. "The Soccer Star"
  14. "Shoot the Rapids"
  15. "The Knight to Remember"
  16. "The Superduper Bowl"
  17. "The Not-So-Buried Treasure"
  18. "The Condemned Backscratcher"
  19. "King for a Day"
  20. "Blaze a Trail"
  21. "No Girls Allowed"*
  22. "The Missing Dinosaur Bone"*
  23. "The Spookiest Pumpkin"
  24. "The Dancing Bees"
  25. "Learn About Strangers"*
  26. "The Disappearing Honey"

Season 2

  1. "In the Dark"*
  2. "Ring the Bell"
  3. "Forget Their Manners"*
  4. "The Wicked Weasel Spell"
  5. "The Truth"*
  6. "Save the Bees"
  7. "Get in a Fight"*
  8. "The Bigpaw Problem"
  9. "Get Stage Fright"*
  10. "Go Bonkers over Honkers"
  11. "The Great Honey Pipeline"
  12. "The Great Grizzly Comet"
  13. "The Sun-Fire Bait"
  14. "The Cat's Meow"
  15. "The Trouble with Friends"*
  16. "The Coughing Catfish"*
  17. "The Substitute Teacher"
  18. "The Mystery Mansion"
  19. "Bust a Ghost"
  20. "The Ice Monster"
  21. "The Crystal Ball Caper"
  22. "The Raid on Fort Grizzly"
  23. "The Forbidden Cave"
  24. "The Hot Air Election"
  25. "Life with Papa"
  26. "Save the Farm"

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