The city of Townsville is the main locale for The Powerpuff Girls. It can be seen as a combination of New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.

City skyline

The city skyline is the opening scene of mostly every episode. Exceptional episode openings include the Citiesville skyline in "Town and Out", the Citiesburg skyline in a Freedom Gal comic at the start of "Super Zeroes", and the Farmsville area in "Beat Your Greens".

City fame

This city is most famous for an active volcano (which would later become the base for Mojo Jojo's observatory). The city is also famous for crime rates, giant monster attacks, day-savings, Little Tokyo district, and taffy.

Other city features

  • Townsville Central Park is where people, young and old, read books, play games, and have a good time. The park is also home to Mojo Jojo, who lives in his lair atop a volcano.
  • Townsville's forest is home to precious little woodland creatures, and it is also home to a now-honorary member of the Powerpuff Girls, Bullet (he has been introduced in "Stray Bullet"). It is also the home to villain Fuzzy Lumpkins.

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