The Dukes

The Dukes is Hanna-Barbera's Saturday-morning cartoon based on the prime-time series The Dukes of Hazzard. Both series aired on CBS. The actors from the prime-time series reprised their roles in the cartoon.

The launch of the cartoon series was delayed until February 5, 1983 possibly due to the 1982 Animators Strike. It could be inferred that very few episodes were produced or not produced at all when the strike started, which didn't justify a September 1982 launch.


The show features the Duke boys and their cousin Daisy in an automobile race around the world against Boss Hogg, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, and Roscoe's dog Flash in a duel for the prize money, which the Dukes hope to use to keep the family farm from being foreclosed by Boss Hogg. Actually, Boss Hogg wants the money and the land for himself, so he, Roscoe and Flash plan various schemes to keep the Dukes from winning. Most of the adventures are read from a postcard by Uncle Jesse Duke to his pet raccoon, Smokey.

The first season was produced when the live-action show replaced the original actors with similar characters, Coy and Vance Duke, after the actors playing Bo and Luke walked out over a dispute about royalties. Thus, the first season of this animated series featured Coy and Vance. Bo and Luke eventually returned in the second-season premiere, "Boss O'Hogg and the Little People". This episode also featured a new introduction and opening narration that reflected the change in characters.

The series followed no particular logical geographic path. Another inconsistency was that in The Dukes of Hazzard, Bo and Luke were on probation, implying that they (but not Coy or Vance) could not leave the state of Georgia, much less the United States.

Voice cast


Season 1

  1. Put Up Your Dukes!
  2. Jungle Jitters
  3. The Dukes of Venice
  4. Morocco Bound
  5. The Secret Satellite
  6. The Dukes of London
  7. The Greece Fleece
  8. The Dukes in India
  9. The Dukes in Uzbekistan
  10. The Dukes in Hong Kong
  11. The Dukes in Scotland
  12. The Dukes Do Paris
  13. The Dukes in Switzerland

Season 2

  1. Boss O'Hogg and the Little People
  2. Tales of the Vienna Hoods
  3. The Kid from Madrid
  4. A Dickens of a Christmas
  5. The Canadian Caper
  6. The Dukes in Hollywood
  7. A Hogg in the Foggy Bogg

Home media releases

On December 7, 2010, Warner Archive released The Dukes: The Complete Series on DVD in region 1 as part of its Hanna–Barbera Classics Collection. This is a Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release, available exclusively through Warner Bros.' online store and Amazon.

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