The Giant Ape Caper is a Zillion Dollar Adventures segment on the fourth episode of the third season of the Richie Rich animated series, as part of The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. This segment was loosely based on the classic movie King Kong.


Richie and Gloria Glad are in Africa, enjoying a ride on a private riverboat while searching for a perfect opportunity to put Professor Keenbean's instant growth formula to good use. The growth formula ended up in the hands of some bad guys, and the formula was sprayed on a monkey, who would grow to become a giant ape, similar to King Kong. The giant ape would cause trouble, and end up heading for Richville to cause further havoc, carrying Gloria in his hand. Richie had an idea, and as an incentive to release Gloria, Richie decided to put the growth formula on a banana, and give the giant ape a treat. When the ape opened his mouth to catch the giant banana, Gloria was released, but the bad guys were now the ones causing trouble, but were later apprehended.

Back in Africa, Richie, Gloria and the scientist learned that it was the biggest crop the region had in years, but Richie pointed out he missed one plant. An eager Dollar rushed to spray the formula, but tripped up, and while he did spray the formula on the plant, the plant carried Dollar with him as it grew, growing like in the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk.


  • This episode was later rebroadcast 3 December 1983, during the finale of the fourth and final season of the series. It was also the last Richie Rich segment to ever air on ABC, on 1 September 1984.
  • When the riverboat crashed into a rock and sank, Gloria was in the water, showing only her upper body. She also ended up in the water in "Voodoo Island" during Season 2, and she was briefly underwater fully clothed in "One of Our Aircraft Carriers Is Missing" from Season 1.