The Haunting of Castle Rich is a Zillion Dollar Adventures segment from the Richie Rich cartoon series during the third season, as part of The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. It first aired 9 October 1983 on ABC.


While on board a private double-decker bus in England, Richie was enjoying an afternoon of swimming in a pool, while Gloria was lounging on the deck in her swimsuit, discussing if Castle Rich really was haunted. Then, Dollar flew through the sunroof, but a mechanical hand saved him, and eventually a rainstorm started, and rain fell through the sunroof, and Richie closed it just before arriving to their destination.

After arriving to the English castle, Richie and Gloria heard strange sounds in the castle, frightening Gloria. Later that night, Richie and Gloria were involved in a seance, trying to discover the spirits.

Then, trouble mounted as a suspect was searching for ledgers that protect the Rich family fortune. The suspect was encountered by ghosts that resembled ancestors of Richie and his parents. The suspect nabbed Richie and Gloria, locked them up, and pilfered all of his devices invented by Professor Keenbean, except for his suction cup shoes. He descended by walking down the wall, and went to the private bus which would be raised to allow he and Gloria to escape. The suspect burned the original copies of the ledgers, but then learned there were duplicates. The suspect searched for the duplicates, but before succeeding, he was further haunted by the ghosts, and eventually, he confessed to the ghosts as an official from Scotland Yard made an arrest.


  • Gloria is seen wearing a bikini at the beginning of this segment. She would also wear one in "One of Our Aircraft Carriers Is Missing", "A Younger Irona", "Giant Pearl" and "The Snowman Cometh".
  • Richie wore suction cups on his feet to efficiently access the bus to get something, and Gloria told him to be careful, even though she and Richie would also wear them in "The Day the Estate Stood Still" in Season 2.

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