The Hooded Gale is the unbelievable bird of "The Perils Of Angry Birds Stella". She is voiced by Paula Vesala.

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The Hooded Gale is Stella's best friend in Golden Island and The Hooded Claw's sister. But isn't actually hooded. She is really clever and beautiful and everybody loves her. She dressed a dark green paraline with purple cuts, she's got a matching baggy hat with black linings on her head and purple mask. Also she worn a small eyeglasses. Also she has got a fruity orange eyes and winkers on her and orange-purple tail.

Friendship with Stella

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Her character is really perfectly for her friend and friendship interests,of course. Making friendship is always absolutely perfect but not unbelievable! Any ideas for friendships are much better than this,which note is always to be lovely with the hugs!

The Bully Piggies

The Hooded Gale has got a two minions,infact two henchpigs The Bully Piggies. Make sure they will be the best founders for Stella into her peril. Anything they will be best friends forever,most of the time. Something they while the best founders for Stella, they want to stop running this time and make sure are good ideas.

The narrator's Jokes

In this started episode The Hooded Gale tolds to the narrator "wise guy", "buster", "nosy" and many more. At the end of the episode The Hooded Gale tolds again to him "next time".

Famous Quotes

  • "Oh, never mind to get her!"
  • "Running away now...blast you!"
  • "Never go away,birdy! I'll get the rope!"
  • "That's right, Stella! It's your arch-nemesis The Hooded Gale!"
  • "Who did you expect, Poppy? Next question!"

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