The King (Baby's First Word)

The King (Baby's First Word)

An unnamed character known as The King appears in the Season 5 cartoon show episode "Baby's First Word," whom Peewit is seen serving under, appearing different from the king that the jester originally served in the Johan And Peewit episodes. In the episode, the king has requested for Peewit to put on a puppet show for his visiting nephew, and his marionettes have seen better days, as he shows them to the Smurfs. After the Smurfs help rebuild his marionettes to make them like new again, Peewit takes the Smurflings to the king's castle to show them what it's like with Papa Smurf's permission. However, when it was time to put on the puppet show and Peewit found out that his goat Biquette had eaten his marionettes, the Smurflings went on the puppet stage and entertained the visitors, although it had made the king's nephew desire taking the Smurflings home as his new toys. The king tried to make Peewit feel better by saying he will replace them with new marionettes, but it only made Peewit more ambitious in wanting to rescue his friends from the king's nephew.

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