The Magic Crayon was a plot device used by Scoots on Cattanooga Cats to create anything out of thin air as would get them out of a complex situation.

Examples of its use

  • In the "Autograph Hounded" episode, Scoots' Magic Crayon creates a cream cake which is then deployed on Chessie the Autograph Hound.
  • In "The Caribbean Kook" episode, The Magic Crayon produces a nearly-invisible lookalike of the pirate Redbeard, Jnr., sword and all, to fight against Redbeard. Later, because of the heat, the crayon version of Redbeard melts on deck.
  • In the episode "Haunting-A-Go-Go," Scoots creates a motor scooter and, later, a can of gasoline to get the Cats past an overzealous ghost.

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