Tmcf ost lp
Songs from The Man Called Flintstone
Released 1966
Format LP
Label Hanna-Barbera Records
Catalogue no. HLP-2055

The Man Called Flintstone is the soundtrack album from the feature film of the same name.

Track listing

Side One

  1. The Man Called Flintstone (instrumental)
  2. Spy Chief
  3. Spy Type Guy
  4. Bobo and Ali
  5. Team Mates
  6. Paris Bound

Side Two

  1. Someday When I Am Grown Up
  2. The Happy Sounds of Paree
  3. Pensate Amore (Think Love)
  4. Scooter Scootin'
  5. Tickle Toddle
  6. The Man Called Flintstone (vocal)

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