"The Midas Touch" was a Riches segment that aired during the third season of the Richie Rich animated series, as part of The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show. The episode was first broadcast on ABC on October 2, 1982.

The Plot

Richie and his mean cousin, Reggie, were at Professor Keenbean's lab observing his latest inventions, then learned about a special glove that, when used to touch anything, turns it to solid gold. After Richie and Reggie exit the lab, Reggie sneaks back into the lab and pilfers the glove for mischief purposes. He then walks along a picket fence, touching each piece of wood one by one as he walks by, then arrives at Richie's mansion, and enters the kitchen and sees a hamburger which he desparately wants to eat. When Reggie touches it, he tries to takes a bite of it, and ends up hurting his teeth. Chef Pierre catches him raiding the kitchen, and Reggie then turns Chef Pierre into a gold statue. After at least three adults were turned into solid gold, burglars took advantage of the event and decided to rob the Rich mansion.

When Keenbean and Richie returned to the laboratory, they discovered the glove was missing, and Richie suspected that Reggie was the thief. Richie and Keenbean went to the mansion, and saw burglars stealing valuables and even the people whom Reggie turned to gold.

Professor Keenbean then realized he had a glove that could reverse the effects. Richie wore that glove, and touched the gold people and turned them back to human form again. The police arrested the suspects, and Richie then ordered Reggie to give back the glove. Reggie decided to turn Richie into gold, but thanks to a mishap by Dollar, the glove flew into the air, and touched Reggie, turning him into gold. Richie then wanted to turn Reggie back to human form, but the other glove's battery had died. While the battery charged, they decided to make Reggie a scarecrow in Richie's garden, and the crows were more scared of the gold Reggie than of the original scarecrow.


  • "The Midas Touch" was a story originally published in the comic book Richie Rich and Casper. When this episode was produced, it was most recently published in Richie Rich Digest Stories #14, published early in 1982. In the comic book story, Wendy the Good Little Witch was the only main character in the story who was turned into gold, and Richie and Casper had to try to find a way to reverse the spell.

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