The Mumbly Cartoon Show (1976) - Intro (Opening)

The Mumbly Cartoon Show (1976) - Intro (Opening)

The Mumbly Cartoon Show is a segment of The Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show, later syndicated as a stand-alone show. It is so titled to fit the meter of the original theme song.


Lt. Mumbly (Don Messick) is a snickering canine police detective who wears a trenchcoat and drives a decrepit car that barely holds together. Taking orders from Chief Shnooker (John Stephenson), Mumbly pursues various criminals, but is denied credit for actually arresting them.

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The Mumbly Cartoon Show was originally conceived as an extension of the Magnificent Muttley segments from Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines. However, due to Hanna-Barbera's ownership dispute with Heatter-Quigley over the Wacky Races characters, Muttley's visual design was changed into Mumbly.

Peter Falk is said to be another inspiration for Mumbly. In the film The Great Race, Falk played Max Meen, a role analogous to Muttley. On television, Falk's Columbo character, also a police lieutenant, wore a raincoat and drove a broken-down car, as Mumbly would do.


  1. Fleetfeet vs. Flatfoot
  2. The Great Car Heist
  3. The Magical Madcap Caper
  4. The Big Breakout Bust
  5. The Return of Bing Bong
  6. The Super-Dooper Super Cop
  7. The Big Ox Bust
  8. The Great Graffiti Gambit
  9. Taking Stock
  10. The Littermugg
  11. The Perils of the Purple Baron
  12. The Fatbeard the Pirate Fracas (Thanksgiving broadcast)
  13. The Big Snow Foot Snow Job
  14. Sherlock's Badder Brudder
  15. The UFO's a No-No
  16. Hyde and Seek