The Phantom Lumberjack pursues four of the Rascals.

The Phantom Lumberjack is a one-time character in The Little Rascals animated series. In his only appearance, "Grin and Bear It", he was terrorizing the Rascals in a forest where they were on a camping trip, and kidnapped Porky, only leaving a trail of food for the other Rascals to follow him to the suspect's hideout in a cave. Inside the cave, the Rascals discovered bags of money, which was implied that the suspect was a bank robber wearing a costume.


The Phantom Lumberjack, unmasked by a bear!

After Porky dumped honey on the robber's head, a bear chomped the head of the costume off and revealed the face of the robber, and he was scared after being attacked by the bear, who helped capture the robber.

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