The Pirates of Dark Water is an animated adventure series produced by Hanna-Barbera from 1991 to 1993.


The Pirates of Dark Water is about the voyages of a group of pirates, Ren, Ioz and Tula, along with their monkey-bird Niddler, who search the planet of Mer for 13 treasures that will save the planet from being overtaken by dark water. Through their journeys, they often confront the evil pirate lord, Bloth, who wants the treasures for himself.

Voice cast


Season 1

  1. The Quest (Originally Aired 2/25/1991)
  2. Dishonor (Originally Aired 2/26/1991)
  3. Break Up (Originally Aired 2/27/1991)
  4. Betrayal (Originally Aired 2/28/1991)
  5. Victory (Originally Aired 3/1/1991)
  6. Andorus (Originally Aired 10/12/1991)
  7. A Drop of Darkness (Originally Aired 10/26/1991)
  8. The Beast and the Bell (Originally Aired 11/2/1991)
  9. Panacea (Originally Aired 11/9/1991)
  10. King Niddler (Originally Aired 11/16/1991)
  11. The Collection (Originally Aired 11/23/1991)
  12. The Little Leviathan (Originally Aired 11/30/1991)
  13. The Darkdweller (Originally Aired 12/7/1991)

Season 2

  1. The Dark Disciples (Originally Aired 11/8/1992)
  2. The Ghost Pirates (Originally Aired 11/15/1992)
  3. The Dragon Master (Originally Aired 11/22/1992)
  4. The Game Players Of Undarr (Originally Aired 11/29/1992)
  5. The Pandawa Plague (Originally Aired 5/2/1993)
  6. Sister of the Sword (Originally Aired 5/9/1993)
  7. The Soul Stealer (Originally Aired 5/16/1993)
  8. The Living Treasure (Originally Aired 5/23/1993)

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