"The Shocking Lady Strikes Again" is a Zillion Dollar Adventures segment that aired on the third episode of the Richie Rich cartoon series, as part of The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show. The episode was originally broadcast on ABC on November 22, 1980.

Voice Cast


Richie, Irona and Gloria investigate a widespread power outage caused by a villain known as The Shocking Lady, who steals gold nuggets in order to energize herself.


  • A power outage also occurred in "Dollar Braces Up" and "The Day the Estate Stood Still" in Season 2, and "Everybody's Doing It" in Season 3.
  • Characters were inside bubbles to protect from electric shock. In "Everybody's Doing It", objects being stolen were inside bubbles.
  • This may be the final segment to use the original swirling yellow dollar sign on a green background during a transition into the next scene. The following week, the transition would be updated to show a gold dollar sign in a Clarendon-style font on a blue background, giving off duplicate such symbols diagonally in each direction, then swirling faster.

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