The Smurfs Springtime Special is an animated television special starring the Smurfs. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC in 1982.


Spring has arrived in the Smurf Forest. While Papa Smurf steps out to take in spring and say that it's his favorite time of year, Gargamel steps out of his hovel and complains that he loathes this time of year, not just because of the sunshine, the new flowers, and the animals that come out of hibernation, but also because of the Smurfs.

Voice cast

Background information

  • Lord Balthazar and Mother Nature made their first appearances in this special. They would appear in the series itself in the following seasons.
  • In 2014, a Smurfs live on stage performance was shown, and the story is based on this special.
  • This is one of the mainstream media Smurf stories that invoke the Exposed to the Elements trope mentioned on TV Tropes, as the Smurfs hardly wear anything heavier than a scarf to protect themselves from the wintry weather.

Video releases

  • Warner Home Video released the special on the Smurfs Season 1 Volume 1 collection for North America.
  • Fabulous Films released the special on The Smurfs: The Complete First Season and The Smurfs: The Smurfs Springtime Special collection for the United Kingdom.
  • Magna Home Entertainment released the special on Smurfs: Volume 6, Smurfs: Complete Season 1 and Smurfs: Specials Collection for Australia and New Zealand.
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the German version of the special on Die Schlumpfe: Die Komplette Erste Staffel DVD set for Germany.

In other languages

  • French: Pâques chez les Schtroumpfs
  • Spanish: Especial de Los Pitufos' Primavera Especial
  • German: Das Osterfest der Schlümpfe
  • Italian: La puffesta di Pasqua
  • Dutch: Het Paasfeest van de Smurfen

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