The Snowman Cometh is a Zillion Dollar Adventures segment during the fourth season of the Richie Rich animated series. It first aired 15 October 1983 on ABC. It was the second of three appearances of the character Jackie Jokers.


At Richie Rich's seaside resort in Malibu, California, Richie held a beach party with Jackie Jokers serving as the party's DJ, who was playing a disco-style song that Jackie claimed had just debuted on the charts and was quickly climbing. While Richie and Gloria were dancing, she mentioned it was a great idea to have Jackie host the event, and Richie mentioned it was the perfect day for it, with "not a cloud in the sky." Dollar then imagined himself mimicking John Travolta from the 1977 movie Saturday Night Fever, and showed off his disco dance moves, thereby winning a dance contest. Then, suddenly, snow was starting to fall, and eventually became a blizzard. Richie and Gloria were wondering why this was happening.

Meanwhile, back at the Rich residence, Richie had turned on the news, and the news anchor reported of snow in Hawaii as well. Dollar had caught a cold at the time. Richie and Jackie decided to investigate the problem, while Gloria and Irona were tending to an ailing Dollar.

When they arrive at a region farther north, they discover a villain who was attempting to cover the world with snow. Gloria and Irona were about to arrive to the arctic with Dollar acting as a sled dog. Dollar got tired, so Irona and Dollar switched places. When they arrived, they were investigating, but the Snowman zapped and froze them into a gigantic ice cube. It was up to Richie and Jackie to rescue Irona and Gloria and melt the gigantic ice cube. They approached the machine, and decided to melt all the snow and reverse the damage being done by the villain's schemes.

After successfully getting the world's weather back on track, the foursome head back to Richville. While on board the plane, Gloria offers a snow cone to everyone, but Dollar ultimately declines, claiming by Richie that Dollar has seen too much snow to last him a while.


  • A close-up of Richie's and Gloria's bare feet were shown early in the segment. It may have occurred for the sake of showing Dollar the Dog snooping around the beach.
  • This segment is the only time Irona addressed Gloria by her first name.
  • This segment was featured in the VHS compilation Richie Rich: A Dog's Best Friend, released around 1997.

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