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The Three Stooges were a slapstick comedy troupe best known for their short films from the 1930s through the 1960s.


The original trio consisted of Moe Howard (1897–1975), Larry Fine (1902–1975) and Curly Howard (1903–1952). After Curly suffered a stroke in 1946, Shemp Howard (1895–1955) filled the vacancy.

After Shemp's death in 1955, Joe Palma was used as a body double to complete four Shemp-era shorts. Afterward, Joe Besser joined Larry and Moe for a few films. In 1958, Besser was replaced by Curly Joe DeRita.

Larry died from a series of strokes in January 1975. Moe tried one final time to revive the Stooges with longtime supporting actor Emil Sitka filling in for Larry, but this was rendered unsuccessful because Moe died of lung cancer in May 1975.

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