Tiny Terror
  • First aired: December 11, 1982
  • Rebroadcast: October 8, 1983
  • Story by: Reed Robbins
  • Duration: 11 minutes



The Rascals start a baby-sitting business, and their first customer is Butch's infant brother, Spike. While Butch and Woim are away fishing, Spike starts crying. Alfalfa and Spanky put the baby to sleep in the treehouse. After Alfalfa and Spanky leave the treehouse, Spike crawls onto a tree limb and dumps a wheelbarrow full of apples onto them.

Darla has to go to her piano lessons, leaving the boys to look after Spike while Butch returns to fishing. Trouble mounts as the carriage in which Spike is sleeping is let loose, forcing the boys to chase him through town onto a construction site. When they approach a drawbridge, the bridge lifts, and Spike goes over the bridge, and the boys realize that Spike is now on a ship headed for China.

When the gang head back to the neighborhood, Darla had just finished her piano lessons and Butch returned from his fishing trip wondering, in an angry tone, where Spike was. As the boys had some explaining to do, Spike was seen alongside Darla, and was reunited with Butch, holding a one-dollar bill as the Rascals' payment.


  • Darla mentions piano lessons, which may be a callback to various Our Gang theatrical shorts, such as "Night 'n' Gales" and "Hearts are Thumps".
  • Officer Ed makes a cameo appearance, though his voice is not heard.
  • Butch has a softer side toward his brother, Spike, unlike the male Rascals.
  • This episode was rebroadcast on October 8, 1983, during the second season of the series.

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