Thomas Cavanagh (born October 26, 1963, in Ottawa) is a Canadian actor. He played Ranger Smith in the live-action/CGI Yogi Bear film.


Thomas Cavanagh was born on October 26, 1963, in Ottawa, the second oldest of five children. When Tom was 6, his close-knit family moved to Ghana, where his father educated teachers. The family moved back to Canada before Tom started high school in southern Quebec.

Tom attended Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, where he played on the basketball team and graduated with degrees in English, biology and education. His interest in theater grew when he was cast as the male lead, Danny Zuko, in a Canadian production of Grease. Since then, he has been in a moderate amount of movies, but is gaining popularity for his award-winning lead role on the NBC comedy series Ed (2000), in which he plays the lovable, charming Ed Stevens. Cavanagh resides in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar and participate in a variety of sports.

Cavanagh and his wife, Maureen Grise, have been married since July 31, 2004. She is the photo editor of Sports Illustrated. They have three children.

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