Totem Pole Monster

Totem Spirit

Mr. Ryan unmasked

The Totem Spirit was the disguise of Mr. Ryan in "The Story Stick", an episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.

Physical appearance

The Totem Spirit was a tall anthropomorphic totem pole with three faces. The bottom face was blue and had a jagged mouth with its tongue sticking out, a large, blue nose, and black-rimmed eyes with swirly red sclerae, black pupils, and multiple irises. The outer irises were white and the inner ones yellow.

The middle face was orange with a jagged mouth, a large, red nose, and black-rimmed eyes with green sclerae, black pupils, and multiple irises, much like the bottom head.

The top face was green with two green and yellow protrusions coming out the sides, two horn-like protrusions coming out of the top, a small red nose, red lips, and black-rimmed eyes with black pupils and white sclerae. It had large arms and short, but bulky legs made of unpainted wood.


The Totem Spirit was highly territorial, telling intruders to "Get off my land!" in an ominous, echoing voice, and chasing them off. However, he was also easily distracted, at one point becoming more concerned with getting his turn with the Story Stick than in getting rid of the gang.

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