The Trollchoppers are Troll County's most feared, most dreaded motorcycle gang as can cause as much mayhem as comic misadventure. Such operates under the guise of a motorcycle repair shop somewhere near the Great Troll Swamp, strewn over with weeds, junk and undergrowth.

Its trio of members are:

  • Bogg Swampley (voiced by Frank Welker), the pudgy, no-nonsense leader of the gang as is jealous for the affections of Pixlee Trollsom as much as Blitz Lumpkin, which can cause its share of problems;
  • Slug (voiced by William Callaway), who is rather lank and lean, riding a motorbike perhaps several sizes too small for his frame; and
  • Afid (voiced by Hank Saroyan), the runt of the gang as seems to perennially get the short end of the stick (e.g., in "The Trollchoppers Meet Frogzilla," Afid's attempt to negotiate a 360-degree loop occuring by way of tree branches only goes halfway up into the loop, with his way-too-large motorcycle falling upon him with the observation "I must've blooped when I should've looped!").

Such is their repute for mayhem and disorder that, in "The Trollchoppers Meet Frogzilla," Mayor Trolliver J. Lumpkin calls upon Sheriff Trollsom to seize the opportunity to not only have the Trollchoppers arrested, but also "boil them in troll oil, feed them to the trolligators!"

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