Virginia Gregg (born Virginia Gregg Burket, March 6, 1916–September 15, 1986) was an American radio and television actress, best known as Tara on The Herculoids, a role she reprised on Space Stars. Her other voice roles for Hanna-Barbera included Mrs. Claus in A Flintstone Family Christmas and Aunt Dele in Heidi's Song.
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Virginia Gregg was one of the busiest radio actors in the business, with regular appearances on such programs as Dragnet, Nightbeat and The Lone Ranger. She had extremely wide range, playing any female character. She was radio's female equivalent to William Conrad, Ben Wright and Elliott Lewis.

Before becoming a radio actress, the 5-foot, 9-inch Gregg played bass viola with the Pasadena Symphony and was a member of the Singing Strings.

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