The Willawaw is an owl-like creature appearing in "Watch Out! The Willawaw", an episode of The Scooby-Doo Show. It was revealed to be a jet-propelled balloon piloted by Grey Fox.


The Willawaw resembled a giant owl with white and blue feathers, glowing yellow eyes, a sharp beak, and big claws to grab its victims. It had a glowing yellow aura surrounding it.

It flew through the air at high speeds. This was because the Willawaw was actually a jet-propelled balloon. It swooped down from the skies, shrieking loudly as it attempted to snatch away hapless victims.


The Indians on the land told the gang that if an owl called your name, then the Willawaw would swoop down from the skies and take you to his cave. It turned out that the Willawaw was a balloon with a motor that was piloted by one of the Indians, Grey Fox. He took advantage of the legend of the Willawaw to cover up his smuggling operation into Canada.

When he found out at some point that Dave Walton was on his trail, Grey Fox sent his henchmen, the Owlmen, to kidnap Walton while he was eating dinner. After Walton was rescued by Red Heron, Grey Fox and the Owlmen were taken into custody by Red Heron to the council of elders for punishment.

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