Wynton L. Marsalis (born October 18, 1961, in New Orleans) is an American jazz musician. He was the voice of Campbell in Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?.


Wynton Marsalis is widely recognized as the pre-eminent jazz artist of our time. He is hailed not only as a performer on the trumpet, but also as a music educator and a promoter of the history and culture of jazz. Marsalis is also an established artist in performing trumpet in works of classical music, and he is a leader in civic matters.

Wynton Marsalis was born into a musical family in the city of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. His father was a pianist and music teacher. Some of Wynton's brothers have become notable musicians in their own right, specifically Branford Marsalis on saxophone, Delfeayo Marsalis on trombone, and Jason Marsalis on drums. Wynton was a precocious student of music in his youth. He eventually attended the Juilliard School. Later he joined the band of the renowned jazz artist Art Blakey.

Marsalis has won numerous awards, including nine Grammys, two of them for his recordings of classical works for trumpet by Haydn, Mozart and Handel. He is the first jazz artist to win a Pulitzer Prize, given for composing his oratorio "Blood on the Fields". Marsalis now serves as the artistic director of jazz at Lincoln Center's Rose Hall in New York City.

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