Yogi's Great Escape is a cassette-based computer game published in 1990 by Hi-Tec Software (United Kingdom) for the Atari eight-bit family of home computers, starring Yogi Bear. It was programmed by Russell Knight, with graphics by Ken Jarvis and Peter Frith.


As in the animated film, Yogi Bear hears disturbing news from Ranger Smith: Jellystone Park must close down, and all the bears are to be sent to a zoo. Yogi decides that the only way to avoid the zoo is for him and Boo Boo to escape the park. After Yogi and Boo Boo leave, a bear tracker (called Sulley the Bear Hunter) and his dog (Gerald) are sent after them.


The player guides Yogi Bear through a series of platform levels, each of which has a time limit. If Yogi slows down for any reason, the ranger and the bear tracker will catch up to him.

Throughout the levels are food and other bonus items that will give Yogi additional points, including six pieces of Yogi's car, six bags of money and six cowboy hats.

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