The head of the TV Zone explaining the situation to the gang

Brando Tightcough, head of the T.V. Zone, recruits the gang to retrieve the Golden transmitter "A.S.A.P".

Yogi Bear on the Air is the sixth episode of the third season of Yogi's Treasure Hunt, and the 24th episode overall. It originally aired on February 5th, 1988.


Yogi's watching his favorite show, The Gulpin' Gourmet, when the signal suddenly goes out. Top Cat then appears on-screen and informs the gang that the TV Zone's Golden Transmitter (which is used to air TV programs) has gone missing. The gang is then transported to the TV Zone, where the head of the operation, Brando Tightcough, informs the gang that the viewing public is receiving bad cases of the "TV jeebies" without television. Everyone then splits up throughout the TV Zone, searching for the transmitter within their favorite shows; Yogi takes over The Gulpin' Gourmet, QuickDraw hosts El KaBong Amateur Hour (with Wally Gator appearing as a contestant), Snooper and Blabber invade Hill Street Blab, Yogi and Huck host On the Boob Tube (a critic review), and Ranger Smith hosts Mister Ranger's Neighborhood (a parody of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood). The gang then heads for The Love Barge, a show where they noticed Dick Dastardly and Muttley board ship. Once there, everyone is surprised to find the two villains tied up. They then find the true thief, Connie Kindly (whom Auggie Doggie idolized), who was "sick of playing a goody-two-shoes" on her show and stole the transmitter to broadcast her own rotten show, The Rotten Report, 24/7 on ALL channels; using a "Wheel of Misfortune", she plans to hypnotize anyone who views the show into a trance, so people will become as rotten as her. Connie then ties the gang up and flees The Love Barge in a hot air balloon, leaving the ship heading for a waterfall. Ranger Smith then rescues the crew in his starship BoobyPrize (parodying Star Trek) and head after Connie (where her ship is a parody of Star Wars). Meanwhile, Dick Dastardly and Muttley snuck aboard Connie's ship to snatch the transmitter for themselves and use it take over television. Later, as Connie is about to air her show, the gang arrives and shoot Connie, Dick and Muttley with a freeze ray. Auggie reverses the Wheel of Misfortune and sets a trance on the three, making them nicer. The Golden Transmitter is then returned, putting TV programs back on the air. Dick and Muttley are the stars of The Smirks (a parody of The Smurfs), with Connie portraying "Smirkette". The two then fight over who loves Smirkette more, and the episode ends with Yogi commenting, "I guess the old saying still sticks, you can't teach an old dog (or human) new tricks".


  • Hokey and Mr. Jinks were seen leaving the operating room with Yogi and the gang, but they were unseen on The Love Barge.

Guest Characters

Wally GatorMr. JinksHokey Wolf and Officer Dibble

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