Young Samson & Goliath (1967) - Intro (Opening)

Young Samson & Goliath (1967) - Intro (Opening)

Young Samson (aka Samson and Goliath or Young Samson and Goliath) is one of the superhero shows created by Alex Toth for Hanna-Barbera in 1967. The series focused on a fourteen-year-old boy (voice of Tim Matheson) and his dog, who traveled around the world on the boy's scooter. Whenever a supervillain, mad scientist or giant monster showed up and menaced an area, Samson slammed his bracelets together and became a superhero version of his biblical namesake, and a second slam would turn his dog, Goliath, into a massive lion.

In the backup segment, Space Kidettes, a group of children and their dog traveled through space. Their pursuers were the space pirate Captain Skyhook (Daws Butler) and his henchman, Static (Don Messick). The captain believed that the children possessed a treasure map, and was determined to take it from them.


Samson's superhero form possesses superhuman strength, endurance, agility and reflexes. He can also leap so well, that he gives off the illusion of flight, and shoot energy beams or shock waves from his hands.

Goliath's lion form posses the same powers. Instead of energy blasts, he projects heat beams from his eyes, and possesses a roar powerful enough to cause a cave-in.

Whenever an opponent proves too powerful, Samson twists his bracelets to access "Super Samson Power" to increase his and Goliath's powers.


  1. The Curse of Monatabu
  2. The Aurora Borealis Creature
  3. The Great Colossus
  4. Cold Wind from Venus
  5. The SSK-19
  6. Operation Peril
  7. The Secret of Evil Island
  8. The Monsteroids
  9. The Idol Rama-Keesh
  10. Salamandro
  11. Baron Von Skull
  12. Moon Rendezvous
  13. The Lost City of the Dragon Men
  14. The Colossal Coral Creature
  15. Zuran's Creature
  16. The Dome
  17. Nerod
  18. The Terrible Dr. Desto
  19. From Out of the Deep
  20. Thing from the Black Mountains